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David Filion
Copyright © August 19, 2001
gPWG v0.6

Getting started
The main window
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Password options
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This document is the online manual for gPWG, an X window, GTK+ based password generation application. By default, gPWG make use of 48 bit random number generation and allows the user full control over the creation of passwords. On linux based systems, there is the ability to use the /dev/random and /dev/urandom devices.

This manual is broken up into mutilple sections. Each section describes a section of the main window, including it's use and any llimits.

Thanks for deciding to give gPWG a try. If you have any comments you can reach me at

David Filion

Getting started
gPWG is an X windows based application. This means that the application must be launched from within an X windows session.

To start gPWG, mearly type the command gpwg at the command line (or from a short cut if your using a desktop). This will bring up the gPWG main window (see below).

If during installation configuration you enabled the tracing, you can activate it by adding the --tracing option to the command line. Note that this will create a lot of output. To find out what other command line options exist, use the --help command line option.

Main window

This is the main window of gPWG. It's where all the action takes place. This window contains all the elements needed to choose the format of the passwords that are created. The window is divided into four logical sections: the menu bar, the password options , the button bar and the password list.

There is a page in this manual describing each of those sections.

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