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Password options

The password options section is made up of four sections: password length, number of passwords to create, characters to include and what letter cases(ie. lower, upper) to include.

When gPWG starts, it sets all the options to their default values. If a .gpwg file exists, it is processed and the options are updated to use the values found in the file.

Password length
Password length option.

In this text entry box, the password length is entered. The lenght can either be a specific number or a range. For example:

User enters Result
8 All the passwords created will have a length of 8 characters.
5,10 For each password, a random length between 5 and 10, inclusive, is chosen before the password is created. As a result, each password is crected with a length between 5 to 10 characters.

Note that the first number is the minimum length, the last number is the maximum length and that the two numbers are separated by a comma.

Number of passwords
Number of passwords option.

Here, the number of passwords to be created is selected. The click the up arrow with the left mouse button to increase the number of passwords and the down arrow to decrease it. Clicking the up arrow with the right mouse button will select the maximum value and right clicking on the down arrow will select the minimum value.

Character selection
Character inclusion option.

Character selection is used to determin what characters are allowed to make up a password. It does not guarentee that a type of character will be included, only that it is allowed to be included.
Option Characters included
Letters Allow the inclusion of all letters. ie. a to z and A to Z.
Numbers Allow the inclusion of all numbers. ie. 0 to 9.
Special Allow the inclusion of "special" characters. These characters are the other characters that make up the ascii character set. i.e ()*&^%$#@!~

Letter case selection
Letter case inclusion option.

Letter case is used to specify if lowercase, uppercase or both case letters are allowed in the creation of passwords. Just choose the case you want included (both includes both upper and lower case letters).

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